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Take Me Home

TAKE ME HOME by Carrie Elks

A Small Town Forbidden Romance
The Heartbreak Brothers Book 1

Who does not love the story of the rock star who meets a small-town girl and makes his world spin with just one look? I would not call the book a slow burn, but the way the relationship between Gray and Maddie starts to develop builds a warm sensation, and by the time their first kiss happens, it feels like fireworks all over.

Take Me Home is developed in a small town that reminded me of American movies where you get the house with the white picket fence, go to church every Sunday, has one dinner, one bar, and that one place where everybody goes to gossip.

Ps: Not gonna lie, I so would go to their famous "Chairsโ€ if it meant chatting up with my girlfriends with a drink in my hand.

The book talks about that kind of love that you thought you were ok without but when you found it, you did not want to let it go and protected it at all costs. It also touches on subjects to which one can relate, such as the son-father relationship, "older sister's shadow" syndrome, and what really is all about at the end of the day: defining what it is that makes you call a place home.

Gray and Maddie's story definitely has its challenges, but it is a dream. I love how the story keeps building until they are forced to face difficulties, a past that unfairly hunts them, and life-changing decisions.
Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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