A Better Man

A BETTER MAN by Carrie Elks

A Small Town Surprise Pregnancy Romance
The Heartbreak Brothers Book 3

They say:

"Be careful when playing with fire because you might get burned"

But what if you actually like the burning sensation? What if what was meant to be a simple hookup turns into something you never expected? This story is that and so much more - and honestly - who does not love this type of romance?

One night, one crazy hen incident, an instant connection, and boom! From the moment Courtney and Logan first met, control was nowhere to be found. Both characters are so tormented by their past relationships that they are not able to see what they have right in front of them: a perfect strangers-to-lovers romance with a little baby twist on the way.

Logan has it in his mind that he's always going to fail at relationships because of his responsibilities, while Courtney keeps herself tied to her past and doesn't give herself a chance to start again. The difficulties that they go through are not easy to solve, but they need to remember that in order to grow a relationship, you always need to have one word in mind: PRIORITIES.

The book talks about two people who have found each other in the least expected way, two people who have a connection so strong, a pull like no other, that they became responsible for something so damn important that they'd do anything to make it work. It also touches on rocky subjects to which one can relate, such as overbearing in-laws, brotherhood, failed relationship traumas, and the importance of understanding that you do not have to be perfect, you just have to be ready to love and realize it is time to make your own happiness.

Courtney and Logan's story shows us how you can feel a pull so strong towards this one and only person whose eyes you can get lost in and finally feel alive, at home. It is a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions, representing the true meaning of the phrases "you'll understand when you meet the right person" and "but do they keep you warm at night?".

Plus, I love that the writer has these two characters that I hate, their participation is so critical for making the characters open their eyes to what their lives are at the moment and what they really want. You may call them antagonists, but I like to call them assholes; believe me, you'll love to hate them too.

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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