Captured by Mr. Wild

by Elle Nicoll

A Friends to Lovers Steamy Romance
The Men Series Book 4

Losing a friend is always going to hurt, but going from talking to them every week to suddenly not hearing from them at all? It slowly eats you alive. It leaves you with the 5Ws: where, when, who, why and what the hell happened?

On the other hand, there is that friend, whose sudden and sad disappearance is forgotten and replaced with the shock of her unexpected return. However, she's not the same person; one can see she's changed, that she's working through something dark, but the 5Ws remain in place.

Blake and Daisy are soulmates ripped apart by a tragedy, not knowing that years later another one even worse will give them the chance to go back to the beginning, get to know each other again, and fall in love so badly that it will give them the strength to face their worst nightmares.

The story is surrounded by tragedies that keep you in suspense and shock you when you least expect it. But it is also surrounded by the flare of a love that never got the chance to blossom. The bond they share as friends and as lovers is so passionate! One look, one hand brush, and the sparks from an interrupted love story return; however, as adults, it won't stop in an innocent make-out session but in a pure-fuel and out-of-this-world sexy session with Mr. Wild.

The book talks about taking second chances in life and love; and how one is able to rise even from your worst experience in life. It not only touches on delicate subjects such as PTSD and psychological abuse; but also on positive ones such as long-lasting friendships, finding ourselves, and the power of healing through healthy love.

Blake and Daisy's story is so full of emotions that it makes you yearn for that kind of relationship, where you feel seen, heard and loved, just like they do. Their way back to each other was definitely not easy, but in the end, it was totally worth the wait!

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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