Discovering Mr. X

by Elle Nicoll

An Enemies to Lovers Steamy Romance
The Men Series Book 2

Saved and wonderstruck by the beautiful flight attendant, Mr. X starts a grateful yet dangerous business transaction: buying incognito a particular piece of clothing in exchange for money to help her buy the house of her dreams—yes, the perfect recipe for a beautiful disaster!

So imagine when they meet again: she does not recognize him, he steals her dream house without knowing, and yet somehow, there is this inevitable attraction that could set a room on fire. What a fun way destiny has to put two people together!

This story is a sexy roller coaster mixed with secrets and discoveries that you don't see coming but that change Rachel and Tanner's lives forever. Putting together a kind-hot workaholic with a guarded-independent woman is a formula that leads to amusing, hot, loving, and heartbreaking moments that will keep you awake through the night.

The book talks about giving yourself a chance to be loved and loving someone despite the possibility of getting hurt. It also touches on deep subjects such as trust issues, single parenting, upbringing in foster care, and finding the courage to accept love in all its forms; being brave enough to accept the challenge of falling in love and succeeding.

It was enchanting to meet Rachel and Tanner's story; it was both steamy and intriguing. From the moment they met, through their hate-to-love relationship, all the way to their fragile and beautiful revelation. They are two people whose souls were meant to find each other, and what a way to do so!

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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