Drawn to Mr. King

by Elle Nicoll

A Steamy Older Boss Pregnancy Romance
The Men Series Book 3

When Megan and Jaxon first met, their connection was so strong that they spent the rest of the night making sure they could not forget each other the next day; however, when days pass by and there is no callback, one ends up feeling down because they thought there was more to it, and the other is sure that it was the right decision. So what happens when months later they bump into each other as boss and employee and are forced to work together? Yes, awkward, confusing, and steamy talks that lead nowhere but to a game of pull and push that only ends in pain for both of them and the surprise that arrives in less than 9 months ๐Ÿผ

The book talks about the kind of love you want to be a part of, but the scars of your past make you hurt the people you love when all want to is protect them so they can be happy. It also touches on subjects to which one can relate, such as losing a parent as a child, impostor syndrome, unexpected pregnancy, unhealed trauma, battling diseases, and how it is ok to be an optimist with a touch of realism, to fight for something you want, and that it might not be easy, but the roads to success have always been bumpy anyway.

I've never been a fan of age-gap romance; to be honest, it kind of scares me. However, I totally loved Megan and Jaxon's relationship, and if you add a surprise bun in the oven, there you have me, reading every chapter non-stop. This book is definitely in the top 3 of this series! And my favorite age-gap romance book ever!

Plus, I totally adored the concept the author presents for a connection: "When you meet someone that you connect with, your heart races so badly that you tingle all over; you have a mix of both excitement and dread at the thought of seeing them".

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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