Meeting Mr. Anderson

by Elle Nicoll

A Friends to Lovers Hollywood Steamy Romance
The Men Series Book 1

Will you be willing to give up your one and true love?

Forfeit your own happiness for theirs?

Or at least what you think would lead to it anyway...

An amusing first meeting up in the air, an after-party, and a connection like no other make this book an absolute pleasure to read. Chemistry all around, communication out the window, and a couple of painful experiences: yes, the book had me hooked all along.

Holly and Jay come from two different worlds and literally from two different continents. Holly is a flight risk with a fear of falling, while Jay fears opening up to people since that tragic day. So imagine what could happen when two hot people like them take their walls off and allow each other to love a little: FIRE! That's what happens! HOT, STEAMY-NEVER-ENDING FIRE!

The book talks about the kind of love that you'd do anything for, even if it meant ripping out your own heart so they could be happy. It also touches on subjects to which one can relate, such as bitter ex-partners, mourning vs moving forward, long-distance relationships, and figuring out what you would be able to give up for the person that you love to make their life better.

Holly and Jay's relationship throughout the book shows how great or awfully bad a relationship can turn when communication is lost. And that no matter how hard life hits you in the face, we can give our best, learn to heal, and say: Hey life, show me what else you got.

There’s nothing else to say, I loved this first book and can’t wait to meet the other men in this series! Mr. X, you’r next!

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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