Pleasing Mr. Parker

by Elle Nicoll

A Steamy Grumpy Boss Romance
The Men Series Book 5

One meeting is all you need to start a fire between two souls - one burning desire that should be stopped before it's too late and ends up consuming two stubborn people that would not dare to mix business with pleasure, so they don't get burned with scars that have only just started to heal.

Maria and Griffin, a steamy enemies-to-lovers story, from the very start, both have such chemistry at work and outside of it, but their rule of not dating coworkers makes their lives so difficult, especially when they end up alone, not being able to hide what they've been feeling all this time, and the inevitable happens.

So imagine all this out-of-this-world hot chemistry along with scenarios suddenly gone wrong and a betrayal you didn't see coming: Yes, the book had me hooked all along.

The book talks about the kind of love that is so magnetic and makes you want to trust again; to have faith in yourself and in others. It also touches on subjects to which one can relate, such as confidence issues, masqueraded enemies, teamwork, and figuring out how important trust is for any kind of relationship; especially if by not having it you can end up hurting the one person you love the most in the world and destroying your one chance at love.

Maria and Griffin's relationship throughout the book is absolutely spicy and with no filters at all, which makes it such an interesting and unapologetic reading; however, trust issues gamble their future when the option of dealing appears: choose to trust that love that has a pull so strong to your heart or play it safe and follow your fears because you know how to heal already.

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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