Somebody Like You


A Small Town Single Mom Sports Romance
The Heartbreak Brothers Book 4

Can someone send my way a man like Cam Hartson, please?

As compassionate, loving, and passionate features ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who does not love this kind of story? Strangers to lovers, yes, definitely. Where passion lights up after a few arguments and the person you seem to dislike is actually not as bad as the one you pictured in your head, but someone with a soul so beautiful you just can't resist them and ardor you're ready to burn for.

On one hand, we have Cam - Boston Bobcats' cornerback - who has a tough decision to make yet only one choice. Health must always come first, but it's a hell of a choice when it means giving up your career and life as you know it. On the other hand, there's Mia, a powerful single mom of two boys, whose life got turned upside down by a piece of garbage soon to be his ex-husband. Two worlds that are so ready to collide but never expected to, however, when the choice between the love of your life and the love for kids arises, well, unfortunately, that is the toughest yet most simple question of all.

The book talks about two people who have been dealt a difficult hand in life and somehow managed to survive and find each other in their most challenging times. It also touches on rocky subjects to which one can relate, such as brotherhood, failed relationship traumas, estranged parents, health issues and their consequences, and the importance of prioritizing family and health over anything else.

Mia and Cam's story is so beautiful and real, and I am not going to lie, it broke my heart a little, but it also made me feel so full of hope. It reminded me that even though life gets hard, there will be moments and people that will bring joy back to your life, making you brave; fearless. As Dr. Christina Yang said: "We'll step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant", hoping for a future filled with happiness, love, and gratitude.

Plus, I love the message that blood is not the only connection needed to become a family, but that the love and the dedication you show towards your partner's children make you a parental figure and, with a lot of effort, a parent to them.

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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