Still The One

STILL THE ONE by Carrie Elks

A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance
The Heartbreak Brothers Book 2

OMG! Can someone get me my own Tanner Hartson, please?

Ok, let me take a deep breath!

Who does not love the story of two people who are just-friends-but-so-meant-to-be finally getting together?

Me! Absolutely me! And yes, this book is a friends-to-lovers romance, but it is also a mix of second-chance and the-one-who-got-away romances. Both, my favorite types of stories ever!

One lie, one poor judgment call, and everything can go south, with all the dreams and plans you once had dissipating in a second. But what hurts the most: the loss of a long-lasting friendship - such a self-inflicted stab in the heart. However, as regretful as you are - you have to find a way to pretend that the pain is not there and continue with your life, knowing that nothing will be the same, not without your favorite person.

Tanner and Van's story is such a journey! Warm and cozy yet full of feelings everywhere. Starting with Van's tough upbringing and Tanner's rough childhood after the heartbreaker brothers' mom passed away at a very young age. These situations molded their characters in such a way that all they want to do is be a knight in shining armor for everybody, clouding their perception and causing them to fail to look out for their own happiness.

The book talks about that person you thought you lost but - thanks to some kind of miracle - you get to have back in your life; and this time, you're not letting anything destroy it again, not even your own fears. It also touches on rocky subjects to which one can relate, such as the parentified child, oldest-daughter syndrome, misogyny, brotherhood, and the importance of healing from the inside to look for a great future with the person you love.

Tanner and Van's story has its ups and downs, but definitely got me wishing I had an older sister like Van and a lover that fights for me as Tanner would. Plus, I love how the siblings keep showing up for each other during difficult and joyful events.

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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