When We Touch

WHEN WE TOUCH by Carrie Elks

A Small Town Enemies to Lovers Office Romance
The Heartbreak Brothers Book 5

Have you ever met someone you know you can't have yet baldy want?

One that makes you hate them yet protect them at the same time?

One that makes you feel you are the prey as well as the hunter?

This is not exactly a 100% strangers-to-lovers story, but definitely a hate-to-love romance! Where the boss you met in a rocky situation changes from not being able to be in a room with you without starting bickering; to him looking for you with a bouquet of roses to tell you that nobody is allowed to give you flowers but him.

Plus, if you're into family drama, this book has it all, the good and the bad of having protective and competitive siblings.

Daniel, against his better judgment, returns to his family's distillery, trying to forget why he left in the first place and doing what he does best: focusing on his work. A tragedy in his past made him a workaholic and a strict boss, making him build walls all over so he doesn't get hurt again. Becca, on the other hand, being the workplace's sweetheart and a senior distiller, finds as her only problem not being able to date thanks to his overprotective brothers.

So, when they meet in a situation that might seem compromising, Daniel's rude reaction triggers an animosity relationship between them. However, he did not count that Becca's capacity would make him doubt his current feelings towards her, as well as his firm decision of not dating, especially not his subordinate.

The book talks about two people who come from different upbringings, where one was filled with love and laughter, while the other one always had to fight to get a bit of recognition from their own family. While one is looking for real love, the other one tries to avoid it at all costs. It also touches on rocky subjects to which one can relate, such as strained parent-son relationship, sibling rivalry, overbearing brothers, and the importance of communication in a relationship.

Becca and Daniel's story is so real, it shows how one spark starts a fire of love/hate, how one hand can heal another when letting our walls down, and that a relationship is about having patience, trusting that everything is going to work out, and always communicating with each other

Add it to your TBR list, or better yet, start reading it right now!

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